• Cambridge IGCSE Class 6 to start from April 2018*
  • *Subject to approvals from CPE and relevant authorities
  • The school is in the process of affiliation for the middle classes with CBSE, New Delhi.
A proficiency test will be carried out at the time of enrollment to identify the learning gaps and accordingly, a bridging programme is carried out in order to facilitate a seamless transition into present class.

The admission will be available for Classes 1 onwards. (Up to Class 5)

Application forms can be obtained by visiting the campus or received via email upon request
  • Child
– Two passport sized latest photographs
– Copy of latest passport
– Copy of birth certificate
– Copy of immunization records
– Latest NRIC/FIN copies and also a copy of the re-entry permit if PR
– Academic records and proof of promotion in the previous school (for Class 2 and above)
  •  Parent/Guardian
– Passport copies
– Latest NRIC/FIN copies and also a copy of the re-entry permit if PR

Yes, A concession of 5% on tuition fees will be given to the younger child.

  1. NETS
  2. Cash &
  3. Cheque
Two month’s tuition fees will be collected in advance.
The academic year begins in the month of April. However, our school session will commence from January 2018.
There are 2 terms in one academic year namely
  1. April – September
  2. October – March
For 2018, January to March, textbooks are not required and the school will be supplying the learning materials.
Hindi and Tamil are offered as options for 2 nd language. French as a 2nd
language option is under consideration.
The maximum number of students in each class/section is not more than 25.
School timings: Class 1 to 5, 9.00am – 3.30pm
  • June 1 month summer vacation
  • December 1 month winter vacation
Yes. We provide island-wide transport facility.
  • We provide vending machines for food and drinks.
  • We are also working with caterers to supply nutritious meals during lunch hour at additional but reasonable costs.
  • Monday to Friday: 9.00am – 8.30pm
  • Saturday: 9.00am – 12.30pm (All Saturdays are working days except Public Holidays)
  • Sunday: Holiday
  • The test aims at understanding gaps in the child’s learning based on the CBSE standard syllabus. It will enable us to develop a customised bridging  programme for the child. The test normally takes approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour based on the class.
  • Proficiency test subjects: English, Mathematics and 2nd Language.

All teachers are academically and professionally qualified with a minimum of 3 years’ experience.

G I G Teacher Selection Policy

  • Academic qualification:  Minimum Bachelor’s degree, preferably master’s degree
  • Professional qualification: Bachelors of Education or Cambridge International Certificate for Teaching and Learning ( CICTL), or any other equivalent Registered with CPE Proficiency in ECA and CCA (desirable)
  • References
A minimum of 2 sessions of ECA will be held in a week.
a) Martial Arts*
b) Basketball
c) Badminton
d) Soccer
e) Cricket
f) Swimming*
  • *Fees payable for kit and materials
Approximately 1 hour per week.
a) Yoga
b) Performing Arts
c) Fine Arts
d) Aerobics
  • *Fees payable for kit and materials
The Formative Assessment (FA) and Summative Assessment (SA) are as per CBSE guidelines. For Classes 1 & 2, there will be 4 FAs. For Classes 3–5, there are 4 FAs and 2 SAs.
  • Classes 1 & 2
a) Language 1-English
b) Language 2-Hindi/Tamil
c) Mathematics
d) Environmental Education
e) Physical and Health Education
f) Performing and Visual Arts
g) Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
h) Life Skills Programme
  • Classes 3–5
a) Language 1-English
b) Language 2-Hindi/Tamil
c) Mathematics
d) General Science
e) Social Science
f) Physical and Health Education
g) Performing and Visual Arts
h) Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
i) Life Skills Programme
j) SEWA–Social Empowerment through Work and Action