Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching and Learning
(Awarded by Cambridge Assessment International Education, U.K.)


The Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching and Learning provides an ideal framework for anyone preparing for, or developing, their teaching or training role, whether they are full or part-time or already in teaching and wishing to enhance and update skills and knowledge.


To assess a student’s competence in developing and delivering a range of learning and development activities.


Students are able to:

  • Achieve international benchmark of excellence in teaching
  • Introduce curriculum development successfully
  • Improve quality and outcome of the teaching activities

Course Content


– Orientation on learning & teaching concepts
– Review teaching methods & learning activities
– Understanding purposes of assessment
– Evaluate the impact of learning on practice


– Explore lesson structures and design
– Understand differentiation and scaffolding
– Apply methods of formative assessment
– Evaluate the effectiveness of the lesson


– Integrate discovered ideas from Units 1 & 2
– Facilitate learners’ involvement
– Identify strengths and areas for development

The programme also provides transferable skills that can be used in any subject area or level of education and covers a range of different teaching and learning styles applicable to different learning needs. The course contains lectures, tutorials, forum discussion, classroom practice & assignments.

Course Duration

The course is conducted over a 4 months period on a part-time study. Students meet 2 sessions per week for 4 hours per session.

Mode of Delivery

Face-to-face Learning (Inclusive of classroom training with trainer, peer teaching, consultations / discussions)


Assignment-based Assessment – Portfolio Submission to Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE, UK)

Teacher-Student Ratio


Admission Criteria

Minimum Age: 18

Academic Level: Diploma or Degree in Any Discipline

Language Proficiency: Must have completed a Diploma or Degree in English medium of instruction

Work Experience:

  • be a full- or part-time teacher, teaching in an educational institution over a full academic year, for a minimum of 24 weeks and a minimum of 6 hours per week; OR have past teaching experience of a minimum of 6 months
  • have regular support of at least one experienced, trusted colleague who understands the essential principles that underpin this qualification, and can provide helpful advice and observations
  • have a group of minimum 6 learners
  • be responsible for planning and facilitating the learning activities of their learners


The performance of the candidates, in the 3 units, would be on an assignment-based assessment in 3 components:

  • Unit 1: Understanding principles of learning and teaching
  • Unit 2: Teaching an effective lesson
  • Unit 3: Facilitating active learning through effective teaching and assessment

All completed ePortfolios are to be uploaded to CAIE’s PDQ Connect Portal.

Upon passing, students will be awarded the Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching and Learning, awarded by the Cambridge Assessment International Education, UK.