Certificate of Professional Practice – Speech Development & Creative Drama
Accredited by London Teacher Training College (LTTC, UK)


This introductory course explores a greater depth on the application of Speech and Drama pedagogy in the classroom. It is used as a tool for learning other subjects and emphasises on the necessity of Critical Reflection, both for learners and teachers. This first module is a pre-requisite to the 2nd Module, Speech and Drama in Action leading to the 3- Module Diploma in Speech and Drama.


Suggest new ideas and know-how in teaching basic and introductory speech and drama lessons in a fun and more effective ways as well as provide fresh games, problem-solving exercises, and small or large group activities to stimulate children’s interests.


Participants will:

  • develop knowledge, understanding, skills & ability to develop lesson plans for Speech Development and Creative Drama (Speech & Drama) in early childhood & Primary 1-6 education
  • get familiar with conceptual framework where they can create original lesson plans
  • teach, supervise and guide preschoolers & primary levels using effective children enrichment strategies that will instill in young children a desire to learn and acquire skills and develop a resilient spirit that will prepare them for life’ challenges and changes.


  • What is Creative Drama?
  • Spontaneous self-expression
  • Development of creative thinking and observation skills
  • Honing of Psychomotor skills and awareness of space through the use of body movement
  • Confidence building for the shy
  • Empathy for and appreciation of diversity in thought and expression
  • An experience of positive feelings
  • Discipline, Turn-taking, Teamwork and Social skills
  • English Language and Literature appreciation

Mode of Delivery

Face-to-face Learning


  • Classroom Presentation / Participation
  • Forum Participation
  • Lesson Planning
  • Practicum / Practical Examination
  • Written Theory Examination

Course Duration

Part-time study. 8 weeks in total, 1 session a week, 4 hours per session.

Teacher-Student Ratio


Admission Criteria

  • Minimum 3 “O” levels with credit in English
  • Any other recognised Certification, Diploma or Degree
  • Mature candidates by interview and approval from the School


Upon successful completion of all lessons, Practical Examination and Theory Examination, candidates will be awarded a Certificate of Professional Practice – Speech Development and Creative Drama accredited by London Teacher Training College, along with a Transcript.