Diploma of Educational Studies - Early Years Enrichment Enterprise
Accredited by London Teacher Training College (LTTC, UK)


The integration of enrichment principles into the early childhood development is emphasized in this course. This is the fundamental backbone of the course that supports the teacher/ trainer in building the character of the participants, empowering them to be enthusiastic life-long learners. The enrichment aspect of the course helps the teacher/ trainer develop the mental stimulation, through visual, auditory & kinesthetic techniques, ultimately honing the skills needed in the development of the learners. A multitude of strategies are shared in the areas of oral enunciation and effective communication, grammatical usage, confidence building and different teaching styles. The oral component tackled the art of pronunciation, projection, word recognition skills, and communication techniques for readers of the early years. The language aspect included exploration of writing styles and lexicon precision. Teaching methodologies used concepts from Benjamin Bloom’s taxonomy and Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences that were shared via fun, interactive approaches. Classes conducted were primarily of a hands-on nature that helped the teacher/trainer utilize the enrichment techniques in unconventional ways in a classroom setting.

Modules Offered:

  • Phonics
  • Creative Writing
  • Public Speaking
  • Music & Movement
  • Teaching Effective Grammar
  • Effective Teaching Methodologies
  • Speech Development & Creative Drama
  • Curriculum Development & Instruction
  • Special Educational Needs

Mode of Delivery

Face-to-face Learning


  • Complete 3 Modules of their choice with a Pass grade or above
  • Submit Dissertation Paper


Successful completion of 3 Modules with at least a Pass grade for each PLUS 1 Dissertation Paper (1,500 words).

Candidates under the programme are awarded 3 Certificates of Attendance for every module, along with a Diploma of Educational Studies – Eary Years Enrichment Enterprise.

Course Duration

12 months on part-time study.

Teacher-Student Ratio


Admission Criteria

Academic Level:

  • Minimum 3 “O” levels with credit in English or
  • Any other recognised Certification, Diploma or Degree (all local polytechnic diplomas, WSQ certificates and diplomas, Nitec, Higher Nitec, diplomas awarded by PEIs as well as local and overseas degrees with transcripts) or
  • Mature candidates by interview and approval from School. Mature candidates are candidates above the age of 50 years old.

Language Proficiency:

  • GCE “O” Levels with credit in English