Assessment – GIGIS




Assessment is an integral part of the teaching-learning process. It allows achievements to be recognised and helps both form tutors and learners to reflect on and review their performance and progress. It is a process that focuses on holistic development and thus measures an individual’s behaviour, life skills, attitudes to the cognitive domain reflected in scholastic aspects. In order to be valuable to individuals, an assessment must be accurate and objective. In addition to this, assessment should be totally stress free and enjoyable for the student of primary level and also develop in them the spirit of competitiveness and self-assessment. G I G will assess its learner using Formative and Summative tools at appropriate levels and time.

Method of Assessment

  • In classes 1 to 8, students will be assessed for each half term (there will be two terms in a year) in a year to ensure that learning is smooth and effective and to help students make progress.
  • In Lower-primary (classes 1 & 2), the teachers will not give grades or marks. The Performance Profile will be filled with emoticons only based on the descriptions given at the end of the Performance Profile. During the initial years, students will be assessed on the basis of teachers’ continuous observations in scholastic and co-scholastic areas of learning.
  • In the Upper Primary (classes 3 to 5) and Cambridge Secondary (classes 6 to 8): in addition to 4 Formative Assessments (FA) (one for each half term), there will be one Summative Assessment (SA) end each term and a five point grading will be used to reflect student achievement.