Who We Are – GIGIS


History and Organisation

G I G International School (GIGIS) opened doors to students in 2003 as G I G Education Centre, offering a unique opportunity for adults to attain internationally recognised teacher training certificates and professional development courses. Till date, more than 2000 teachers have graduated from this institute. In 2017, G I G expanded into an international school when it was granted permission by the Committee for Private Education (CPE). They are in process to accelerate growth by planning for classes 9 & 10 IGCSE from 2019.

GIGIS’ low student to teacher ratio enables teachers to adopt an inclusive approach, amalgamating the best methods and teaching techniques to suit the needs of individual pupils. GIGIS is offering a dynamic enquiry-based curriculum to ensure that students of all ages remain highly motivated in both their academic work and other activities.


3.1 Organization Chart