Certificate of Professional Practice – Teaching Effective Grammar
Accredited by London Teacher Training College (LTTC, UK)


The Teaching Effective Grammar course hits two birds with one stone. Participating teachers will enhance both their professional image and professional practice. As they are exposed to extensive grammar topics, they will learn how to accurately perform technical writing as well as experience new, fun and exciting grammar approaches which they can use in their own classrooms. English lessons need no longer be tedious and boring; TEACH – Teach English Actively & Creatively with Heart!


Break the monotony of grammar lessons and equip teachers with easy, fun and inventive grammar strategies to make both primary and secondary students truly enjoy learning.


Participants will:

  • make sense of the general rules and principles of grammar in Standard English
  • identify what and how to teach grammar lessons in meaningful and creative ways
  • develop the confidence in planning and imparting effectively the grammar course to primary or secondary levels
  • be able to help their own students gain full use of English until these students are able to develop the use of the language in a more sophisticated and complex manner.


  • English Language: Then and Now
  • Grammar in General Writing the Right Way!
  • Is it “To whom?” or “To who?”
  • Subject-Verb Taboos and Myths
  • Tricky Tenses Made Easy
  • Develop The Best Writing Habits Correcting
  • Convoluted Grammar Handle Comprehension and Cloze Passages with Ease

Mode of Delivery

Face-to-face Learning


  • Classroom Presentation / Participation
  • Forum Participation
  • Lesson Planning
  • Practicum / Practical Examination
  • Written Theory Examination

Course Duration

Part-time study. 8 weeks in total, 1 session a week, 4 hours per session.

Teacher-Student Ratio


Admission Criteria

  • Minimum 3 “O” levels with credit in English
  • Any other recognised Certification, Diploma or Degree
  • Mature candidates by interview and approval from the School


Upon successful completion of all lessons, Practical Examination and Theory Examination, candidates will be awarded a Certificate of Professional Practice – Teaching Effective Grammar accredited by London Teacher Training College, along with a Transcript.