G I G’s Experiences in Customising Courses / Workshops

GIGIS has extensive experience in the design and delivery of pedagogical and professional development programmes to groups of local and overseas professionals and senior administrators from schools, institutions, and government and education authorities.

Locally, GIGIS has been actively involved with providing workshops for schools and corporates such as Coleman College, Global Indian International School, SINDA, Julia Gabriel, South East Community Development Council, Dyslexia Association of Singapore and Madrasah Al-Irsyad Singapore to name a few. These courses are developed individually to suit the differentiated needs of the various organisations.

GIGIS has also ventured into Ministry of Education (MOE) government schools to specifically conduct Public Speaking and Math Olympiad programmes for students.

In recent years, GIGIS conducted teacher training and professional development courses for educators from China, Brunei, Indonesia, Vietnam and Laos. Additionally, GIGIS was honoured to liaise with the Ministry of Education, Brunei, to develop and facilitate a special Speech & Drama programme, which eventually led the participants to a Diploma by TCOT. In December 2015, GIGIS has been invited to collaborate with the University of Education, Indonesia to develop programs complementing the existing curriculum for teacher training in Bandung, Indonesia. An MOU has been signed in 201Y6 for a collaborative effort in training undergraduates and alumni of UPI.

In 2018, we had the privilege to collaborate with an Australian speaker and author of 10 Seconds of Courage, Ms Natalie Cossar for a Parent-Teacher workshop entitled: Is your Parenting / Teaching Style Helping Your Child Succeed? Also, we had the privilege to collaborate with schools such as Horizon Primary School, ITE College West and Hwa Chong Institution to work on various customized projects such as Social Etiquette and Presentation Skills Workshops at their respective campuses.