History and Organisation

G I G International School (GIGIS) opened doors to students in 2003 as G I G Education Centre, offering a unique opportunity for adults to attain internationally recognised teacher training certificates and professional development courses. Till date, more than 2000 teachers have graduated from this institute. In 2017, G I G expanded into an international school when it was granted permission by the Committee for Private Education (CPE). They are in process to accelerate growth by planning for classes 9 & 10 IGCSE from 2019.

Being GIGIS’ teacher training and professional development division, we are committed to teaching excellence through our unique learning environment. Our awarding and accrediting partners include Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE, UK) and London Teacher Training College (LTTC, UK).

We focus on moulding teachers and trainers to achieve excellence in their professions. We prepare them to be leading educators in this shifting digital age. We inspire them to achieve greater dynamics, structure and management in the classroom using information, communication and technology. We provide high quality professional development programmes to build-up their skills, abilities and competence in their own areas of expertise. We expose them to new knowledge and information to expand their portfolios and become more competitive in their respective careers.

We are the only Cambridge Professional Development Centre in Singapore. Over the years, GIG International School has built up a strong reputation for high quality of teaching and learning, supported by a strong team of lecturers who possess extremely engaging delivery styles.

Our participants and candidates include teachers from government and international schools, lecturers from polytechnics and ITEs, trainers from global and local organisations, tutors from tuition centres and agencies as well as soft skills and freelance trainers.

Both schools and corporations alike have approached GIGIS to conduct short training sessions and focused workshops for their teachers and in-house trainers. One of GIGIS’ strengths is in the evaluation of such training and workshops, as there will always be follow-up with continuous assessment for those who have attended the sessions to track the effectiveness of what the school has delivered.


Organisation Chart